What is ultrix.me?

This is a general-purpose Mastodon instance run by Corbin Davenport. The goal of Ultrix is to provide a high-speed and high-uptime instance, while always using the latest (stable) version of Mastodon. It is hosted on a Linode VPN located in the US East Coast. All user data is backed up daily.

Anyone is welcome to join! Make sure to follow the official Ultrix account for the latest news and updates. You can also send an email to admin@ultrix.me if you have any questions.

Home to 23 users
Who authored 951 statuses
Connected to 768 other instances


  • Hate speech, harassment, or similar behavior is forbidden. Be nice to others!
  • Content that is illegal anywhere in the United States or Canada is a bannable offence without appeal. This includes content that violates the SESTA/FOSTA Act.
  • Bot accounts and corporate accounts are not allowed.
  • Use a content warning (the CW button) for NSFW content and spoilers.
The only moderator at the moment is @corbin, send him a message if you have any problems. You can also send an email to admin@ultrix.me.

Silenced instances

These are instances that are "silenced" on Ultrix, meaning posts from them are hidden unless you are explicitly following them. The reason for the ban is provided next to each instance.

  • switter.at - Content that possibly violates SESTA/FOSTA act
  • baraag.net - Child Porn/Lolicon/Shotacon
  • pawoo.net - Child Porn/Lolicon/Shotacon
  • social.homunyan.com - Child Porn/Lolicon/Shotacon
  • wxw.moe - Child Porn/Lolicon/Shotacon
  • social.super-niche.club - Child Porn/Lolicon/Shotacon
  • baraag.net - Child Porn/Lolicon/Shotacon
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