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I now have an alt account at @corbin! Follow me over there, if you want.

As such, I'm moving to @corbin. Please follow me over there!

I've decided to shut down my Mastodon instance, More info/thread here:

TL;DR: The instance breaks too often and it's difficult for me to keep things running smoothly. Ultrix will stay open until June 20.

Big index update is live with quite a few new apps thanks to @rudloff !

I now have an alt account at @corbin! Follow me over there, if you want.

MRW Chrome OS is getting Linux app support but the ASUS C302 and Samsung Chromebook Pro will probably be left out

Who would win?

💻 :chrome:
a big ol one
computer hongry boy

just putting about 700 of these on my laptop

I also fixed a bug where the wrong device icon would appear, and added an indicator for the battery level.

So close to final release!

I finally fixed Network panel on! There was a typo that always made it report "unknown network type."

Twitter seems to think I'm a fluent Spanish speaker. Yo no hablo español.

Remember kids: HTTPS just means your connection is private, not that the site (or your data) is secure.

Just because the phishing site says you won an iPhone X and has a green lock in the address bar doesn't mean you should give it your credit card number.

This is a great deal if you want a VR headset. I have the Dell MR headset, and it works with every VR game/app I've tried—even ones made specifically for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.