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Corbin Davenport

"We have never had 'Ford only' freeways or 'Verizon only' phones. Why should we accept 'Facebook only' instant messaging or 'Skype only' video chat?"

Hmm, my instance randomly stopped grabbing remote posts for a while. I had to clear the local post/media cache to fix.

The joys of running your own infrastructure! ✨✨

#Mastodon v2.3.2 is out!

🚨 For servers running Docker, this release contains a critical fix for a segmentation fault issue.

Other fixes included.

Mastodon has been blowing up lately. Hi new people! 👋

() I'm Gregory, I've had multiple mastodon accounts before and deleted them. I'm trying to get away from Facebook so I think this and birdsite will keep me away.
I'm self-employed (technically I'm the owner of my company) and I help businesses with their website. Let's getting tooting.

Seeing about 4x increased sign up and tooting rate across the fediverse for this week

I restored a backup of my Mastodon instance, but I kept getting 502 Bad Gateway errors. Long story short, the Ruby server wouldn't start because it thought it was already running 😐

I found the fix after a little while, I'll file a bug report later so hopefully no one else has to deal with that.

I really don't understand HTC these days. It just announced a phone that costs €185+ ($227+) and doesn't even have a fingerprint sensor. The BLU Life Max costs $100 on Amazon and it has one.

The Winter Soldier is still the best Marvel movie.

As a reminder, my instance ( is open for registration! It's super fast, and due to recent events with, I should mention all user data is backed up daily.

Today I'm mostly thinking about how 12 years ago I was one of those Facebook enthusiasts who encouraged friends to sign up. And about how, as techies and early adopter types, we are like Pied Pipers, with responsibility to consider where we lead others.

@corbin ET: Remastered. It's the same game, but lazily converted to 2.5D

Atari is going to show off their new console at GDC this week. Still no details about what games it will actually have.

I made fun of for not knowing what Peeps are and I get roasted for being young. 😂